If Winter Comes, Tell It I’m Not Here

If Winter Comes, Tell It I’m Not Here
Simona Ciraolo
Walker Books

As the small boy narrator of this story revels in the last days of summer, swimming at every opportunity, his elder sister tells him of the approaching seasons.

First will be autumn with its chillier air and falling leaves,

followed by winter. That’s a time of constant rain, darkness and being stuck indoors, cold and dullness.

Time passes and inevitably autumn and winter come. There’s a distinct lack of yearning for ice-cream or a swim; however, each season brings delights of its own: there’s a parent’s long, long scarf to use as a wrap, and family snuggles on the sofa in autumn;

and yes lots of rain but also yummy warm soup.

But it’s winter that’s most surprising and hurrah! Our narrator has lots of exhilarating fun in the snow

and determines to make the most of every opportunity. Big sisters aren’t always right after all, it would seem.
Simona Ciraolo certainly portrays the best of each season in her illustrations and the characters’ expressions speak volumes. This, her latest book is one that offers a good starting point for a discussion on seasonal changes and favourite times of the year with youngsters.

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