Jeremy Worried about the Wind

Jeremy Worried About the Wind
Pamela Buchart and Kate Hindley
Nosy Crow

Young Jeremy is a worrier par excellence – we all know one I’m sure. Risk averse he surely is, and a highly sensitive little chap to the extent that he avoids pretty much anything and everything from overly crunchy crackers to dinosaurs …

and squirrels to shoelaces. His biggest worry though, is the wind.

One day he meets and befriends Maggie – she of the untied shoelaces and “What’s the worst that could happen?” attitude. Immediately Jeremy decides that she’s in need of care and protection. Taking her under his wing, he teaches her all manner of ways to stay safe.

Then comes that hugely wildly blustery day when Maggie inevitably decides to throw all caution to the wind. Out she dashes with Jeremy in hot pursuit (or maybe a cold sweat). And that’s when he finds out about the delights of living dangerously.

Bursting with zany humour, Pamela’s text will lift your spirits – it’s a great read aloud likely to help even the worst worriers among your audience to unwind a tad, (and perhaps offer a warning word or two to any Maggies sitting alongside); while Kate’s splendidly expressive scenes of the perils – possible and real, excitement and effervescence, will enchant and entertain. Make sure you slow down when you get to the wordless spreads so your listeners can savour every single tiny detail.

Ridiculously brilliant in every way.

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