Meerkat Christmas

Meerkat Christmas
Emily Gravett
Two Hoots

The splendid Meerkats return to share some Christmas spirit with readers.

As the big day approaches, in the distant Kalahari all those in the Meerkat family are busy with preparations for the Perfect Christmas , all except Sunny that is. He has the distinct feeling that something is lacking; actually a whole lot of things if it’s to live up to the ‘Perfect’ criteria in his magazine – deep snow, tasteful decorations, piles of presents, well boiled sprouts on the menu and all to the accompaniment of Christmas carols.

With bag packed and sporting his Santa style hat off goes Sunny to find somewhere that fits the bill.

His travels take him to see several friends, but although each location offers something from his list, there’s always something missing.

Will he ever find that elusive Christmas perfection? …

With Sunny’s Christmas cards detailing his progress (I love how his writing changes in each one),

a final surprise package and wonderfully humorous details aplenty on every spread, this story is superbly funny.

Children will love it; so will adult sharers especially teachers, as it’s rich in potential for classroom activities of the enjoyable kind.

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