Africa Day

Africa Day
Chi Mary Kalu and Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis
Little Steps Publishing

This is a joyful celebration of African culture wherein the boy narrator Emeka, and his mother visit an African art and craft festival together.

There’s music and dancing, yummy food and drinks including Arabica Ethopian coffee (I can attest to the quality of that) and Mum buys some jewellery made from wood.

They enjoy the stall selling wares woven from canes and rattan; and the fabric and clothing store is a riot of colour that prompts another purchase by Mum. Performers of all kinds show their skills in an African style circus and after stopping at more stalls both Mum and Emeka find the allure of the music and dance irresistible.

Come evening it’s time to leave for stallholders and visitors alike – a happy, albeit tiring day has been had by all.

There’s some gentle education in Chi Mary Kalu’s telling and Jelena Jordanovic-Lewis’ lively illustrations really encapsulate the richness of African culture.

A little book with a large theme that will enrich book collections be they at home or in school.

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