The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur

The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur
Richard Byrne
Oxford University Press

Finlay sits counting out jelly beans from a jar, ‘one for him, one for me’ when suddenly a huge dinosaur approaches – an extremely greedy dinosaur who demands all the jelly beans for himself. Now the sweet treats happen to belong to Finlay’s friend and the little dino. claims said friend is rather large but this deters the huge beast not one jot. Instead he brags even more about his size and strength and goes on the heave an enormous rock in Finlay’s direction.

Teasing follows with the huge stroppy dinosaur accusing Finlay of making up a story and further bragging about his own skills. And so it continues with the bully becoming ever more angry …

until the sleeping giant is finally awoken by his shouts of “I want the jelly beans.”

Now it’s time for the supposed make-believe creature to show that big bullying dinosaur a thing or two.

That’s not quite the end but who wants to be a story spoiler?

Splendidly witty, this tale is much more about showing than telling with the deadpan words and hilarious pictures working wonderfully in tandem.

It’s great to see a paperback version of the story that’s certainly going to appeal to the vast numbers of young dinosaur lovers out there; and it’s a perfect one for starting a discussion on bullying.

If you missed the original hardback (or it’s worn out from use), then now’s the time to get hold of a paperback replacement.

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