Alison Green & 38 illustrators
Alison Green Books

With a foreword by Axel Scheffler, this book about kindness has been illustrated by 38 ‘kind’ artists (including Axel) all of whom donated their work for free in aid of the Three Peas charity.

‘Imagine a world where everyone is kind. How can we make that come true?’ are the opening lines and what follows are a host of suggestions for fulfilling that dream which almost every single human being would love to come true.

Most of what’s suggested are easy, everyday acts such as smiling at somebody, listening to people especially when they’re feeling sad, hugging a lonely person; offering a hand to hold to someone who is frightened or worried, or helping someone in trouble.

by Pippa Curnick;                    by Barbara Nascimbeni

Stories can help make others more cheerful be they listener or teller and it’s vital to ensure nobody feels left out or uncared for.

top LHS by Moni Port, bottom LHS by Anke Kuhl: top RHS by Philip Waechter, bottom RHS by Jörg Mühle

I’ve had a kindness jar like the one suggested in some of my classrooms and I know how fast it can get filled up; and acts of kindness can be directed towards animals as well as humans.

Everyone needs to be given the opportunity to shine – after all we’re all good at something.

by Sarah McIntyre:               by Benjamin Chaud

There are occasions however, when extra kindness is required – maybe towards a newcomer, or somebody who is trying to learn our language whatever that may be and it’s always good to learn some important words in their language too. Then there are those who have overcome tremendous odds in leaving their own country which is no longer safe and travelling to find a safe haven elsewhere – let’s listen to their stories but only when they’re ready to share them. Meanwhile toys and creative acts can be shared; and people might need accommodating so it’s wonderful to invite them in …

by David Barrow:             by Marianna Cop

An open mind and an open heart are what’s required similarities and differences notwithstanding. Who knows, if everyone tried just that little bit harder, something extraordinary might happen; now is the time to start. What will you do – today? And tomorrow? And …

We all need constant reminders in the current climate, no matter what part of the world we live in.

I’d absolutely love to be able to show every single one of the awesome illustrations in this celebration of kindness but I’ve only been able to include a few as examples in a book that’s bursting with inspiring suggestions and positivity.

The final spread is devoted to the work of Three Peas a charity that gives crucial practical help to those who have had to flee their war-torn countries and seek a safe haven elsewhere. (£1 of every copy sold goes to the charity).

What a terrific book to share over time with a class, perhaps using a spread or illustration as the starting point for the day and should you exhaust the ideas herein, children could suggest their own perhaps together making a follow-up book or picture gallery spreading throughout an entire school.

Meanwhile I’d like to see a copy of this in every home and classroom, after all children are the future.

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