Aalfred and Aalbert

Aalfred and Aalbert
Morag Hood
Two Hoots

Aalfred and Aalbert are two aardvarks with adjacent burrows. Nevertheless their paths never cross on account of their totally different sleep cycles: Aalbert sleeps at night, Aalfred in the daytime.

Despite the occasional yearnings of each to be part of a twosome, this pattern is permanent. Or is it?

Perhaps a plan can fix things; a plan executed by a little blue bird involving strategically placed broccoli (Aalfred’s favourite) and a ball of string.

I’d hate to spoil this story of friendship against the odds, so I’ll say no more on the matter other than to urge you to get hold of a copy of Morag’s latest book. Once again it’s brilliant. Her narrative voice is like no other, wryly funny and absolutely to the point. She conveys so much in relatively few words and delicious bold artwork,

and every one of her characters is priceless.

In the aardvark tale though there’s a real tenderness: let it sit with you, let it simmer. I think it’s my favourite so far.

This treat is not to be missed; in fact you really shouldn’t miss any of Morag’s books.

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