I’ll Love You For Ever

I’ll Love You For Ever
Owen Hart and Sean Julian
Little Tiger

Using the perennial theme of adult/infant love Owen Hart and Sean Julian offer a delightfully illustrated rhyming book for sharing with the very young.

Together with an adult polar bear and a little cub we travel through the very different seasons of an arctic year starting with the stark wintery snow and ice. ‘Come look at the snowflake / and I will explain: / In spring it’ll melt / but my love will remain.’

Spring brings flowers peeping through to wonder at and warmer seas for swimming together.

By summer the meadows have turned green, flowers bloom in abundance and bees hum gently.

Then in autumn the trees glow golden and flowers fade away heralding once more the onset of winter. ‘When cold, winter winds / blow the leaves far and wide, / You’ll cross the great icebergs / with me by your side.’ So says the affectionate parent bear before the two animals snuggle up together ready to sleep.

As the seasons change so too does Sean Julian’s colour palette, but what remains constant is the look of love on the adult bear’s face, making this a reassuring read for little humans that isn’t overly sentimental.

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