Sam Usher
Templar Publishing

The fourth of Sam Usher’s series of picture books about a little boy and his grandfather continues to celebrate their special relationship.

It’s a very blustery autumn morning and when the little boy wakes up he sees leaves flying, dancing and tumbling down.

Eager to get outside, he calls his Grandad who suggests flying a kite. First though they have to find it.
During their search they rediscover several items – a cricket bat, letters and a telescope that bring back memories of previous adventures – until finally, they find the kite.

Off they set under a stormy-looking sky to the park

where they discover lots of other kite fliers. “Hold on tight,” calls Grandad as their fantasy adventure begins.

Up, up, up they go swooping and twisting as the sky is filled with an amazing, colourful array of kites of all different  shapes and patterns.

The wind intensifies and the boy lets go of the kite string. Luckily though, Grandad catches it “There’s a storm brewing!

Let’s head for home,” he urges and they do.

Back indoors, as the storm rages outside, they share some tea and Grandad declares, “The best adventure is an adventure shared.” And so it is, just like the one herein: what better prelude to a kite-flying foray than this.

With russet, gold, orange and brown hues, and a darkening grey, Sam Usher’s watercolour and ink illustrations  capture so well both the trees’ autumnal foliage and the brooding nature of the storm.

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