My Friend Sleep

My Friend Sleep
Laura Baker and Hannah Peck
Words & Pictures

A little girl narrator takes a magical journey in the company of her friend and nocturnal companion, Sleep. “Come with me, my friend, take hold of my hand. / Together we’ll travel through night’s dreamland” he calls.
They visit such amazing places as a land full of sweets where the clouds are of candyfloss, crystal jellies glisten in the moonlight and sweet dewy berries exude their scent.

Full to capacity, it’s time to move on: Sleep sings again and the two continue their journey to a strange fairground where, aboard a strange craft on a big wheel they’re lifted skyward while down below, dinosaurs romp and aliens dance.

Then between the stars comes a huge dragon upon whose back they leap at Sleep’s behest.
Through the clouds, looping and swirling fly dragon, child and Sleep …

till the dragon drops them off at the entrance to a gloomy cave.
Once more come Sleep’s friendly, reassuring words making the darkness feel less scary. Till, full of menace a monster looms,

but again Sleep is there to proffer help by way of a magic wand to shrink the monster and turn it into a friendly little thing.

Now fly back, they must, child and Sleep through the starry night sky; back into the bedroom once more before the girl wakes to a memory of dreams in time for all that day will bring.

Spellbinding images conjured up in words and pictures (love the colour palette) create a somnolent picture book dreamscape for bedtime sharing.  The storybook encounters with things happy, thrilling and scary, should help little ones overcome any nighttime fears they might have from time to time.

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