The Itchy-saurus

The Itchy-saurus
Rosie Wellesley
Pavilion Children’s Books

I’ve taught a good many young children who suffered and I mean suffered with eczema. I can recall two in particular, one 4 year old who would sit on the carpet during story times and when he got up there’d be piles of skin where he’d been sitting; eventually his parents took him to India one holiday and they found some amazing herbal creams that worked wonders. The other, during flare-ups, had to go every midday to have his bandages removed and emollient cream re-applied by the member of staff employed to look after children’s medical welfare. Both must have been in an almost constant state of agony, yet both were amazingly stoical, never complaining and almost always smiling.
Created by GP author/illustrator Rosie Wellesley, this reassuring book would have been perfect to share with those children as well as their classmates.
In fact it should be in all early years settings and in families with a child or children who have eczema or other skin disorders.

Meet T Rex whose life is suddenly made a misery by an itchy rash that appears on his skin turning him into the grumpiest, most dangerous creature in the jungle. Until that is, Doc Bill hears of his plight and despite his lack of stature, resolves to help; so off he goes.

Having found a tearful ‘Itchy’ the Doc sets out some ground rules for his patient, makes a cooling bath and sets to work with his lotion-making machine.

The following morning after Itchy’s had a good night’s sleep, begins stage two of the healing process; learning some distracting actions while the cream has time to work its healing magic …

until finally when Itchy looks at his skin …

No redness, no itchiness, no need to scratch – hurrah! Time to thank the Doc.

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