Jumble Wood

Jumble Wood
Helena Covell
Flying Eye Books

Jumble Wood is populated with a motley assortment of wild creatures. They have one thing in common though: each of them has a special thing that makes them happy; all of them with one exception that is. Pod has no happy thing and thus feels very alone.

Summoning her courage, she decides to search for that elusive happiness thing in all the most unlikely hiding places.
Her search takes her to the swamp where she discovers Peach who offers to help,

but no ‘hard-to-find’ thing do they discover, even at the top of the mountain where Peach takes them; there though they encounter Worm.

Worm suggests digging down but there’s nothing in the tunnel other than darkness and each other.

Finally they re-emerge into the daylight and that’s when Pod sees things clearly in more ways than one …

With its endearingly offbeat characters – amorphous creatures executed in pastel shades – Helen Covell’s quirky debut picture book, with its child-like rendered backgrounds, makes audiences think about friendship and its importance from a different perspective.

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