The Secret Life of a Tiger

The Secret Life of a Tiger
Przemystaw Wechterowicz and Emilia Dziubak
Words & Pictures

Tigers aren’t necessarily all that they seem. Most certainly that is the case with the particular big cat who acts as narrator herein.
Yes, he’s a jungle dweller, brave and cheerful, wandering around his leafy abode, gossiping with friends, taking an occasional power nap and partaking of the odd morsel to keep his tummy rumbles at bay. A pretty peaceable life all told.
That of course, is contrary to all the rumours circulating about his dangerous nature.
However, our friendly narrator has, what he calls, his secret life, and that’s when his do-gooding persona emerges.
In fact, the creature has a multitude of nocturnal occupations.
He rustles up a yummy fruit salad for baby elephant,

acts as coiffeur for some orang-utans,

becomes a surrogate parent for some parrot’s eggs, an architect for some ants and much more.
Are we readers to be beguiled by all this altruistic behaviour? Hmmm!
As the narrator himself says, “ … don’t forget – you can’t believe all the stories you hear in the jungle.
Wecherowic’s tongue-in-cheek, chatty telling sits so well with Emilia Dziubak’s fantastically funny illustrations. Don’t miss the balloon-twisting antics performed on cobra …

that’s a real rib-tickler – not least for that cobra!

I’ve signed the charter  

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