The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth


The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth
Ellie Hattie and Karl James Mountford
Little Tiger Press
Strange stomping sounds from the street waken young Oscar from his slumbers and send him outside. There he encounters a mammoth that introduces himself as Timothy and asks the lad if he’s seen baby brother mammoth, Teddy. Teddy’s crashing and banging behind the bins gives away his hiding place; he dashes off to try and hide in the nearby museum with Oscar and Timothy hot on his trail.
What follows is a magical adventure inside The Curious Museum, a museum absolutely full of all manner of strange creatures including partying underwater animals and other unlikely things.
The hunt takes them into the dusty library crammed with fascinating books and bedecked with talking portraits.
The Flight Floor too is fascinating with its time line and portraits of aviators (good to see Bessie Coleman among them) …


There’s no time to lose though; young Teddy is still on the loose and heading for the Time of Dinosaurs, where an invitation to take tea causes Oscar and Timothy to pause briefly …


before they move on rather rapidly. Escaping down the lift shaft leads them to assorted creatures of the Extinct and Endangered kind. Oscar and Timothy watch them participating in an aerobics session; but will they ever find Teddy before the night ends?


After the an initial breath-taking dash through this magical, pacey story, readers and listeners will most certainly want to go back and spend time exploring beneath the numerous flaps when they can absorb some fascinating facts about the plethora of creatures and other exhibits housed within that Curious Museum. Each spread is absolutely brimming over with details to amuse and delight. I can see it being read to destruction by enthusiastic explorers.


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