Who Ate the Cake?


Ellena engrossed in the story

Who Ate the Cake?
Kate Leake
Alison Green Books
Bob the dog is a mischievous creature, always in trouble, mostly for consuming the wrong things. Freddie is a boy – Bob’s boy – and equally likely to be in trouble, not for eating but on account of his passion for collecting things. Every week his collection grows due mainly to his purchases from Collectors’ Weekly catalogue. This pleases Bob too as it means a constant supply of delightfully chewable items.
Eventually Freddie’s parents seek to put a stop to all this collecting: “No more things!” they decree but barely have they spoken when another delivery arrives unexpectedly. Even more unexpected is what emerges when the lid is removed …


Freddie swears Bob to secrecy.
Now the one thing about pelicans is they’re big and flappy, another is the capacity of their beaks; Bob is anything but happy especially when things start to disappear – Mum’s knitting, Dad’s daffs. Gran’s best china not to mention some French pastries, but the final straw is the loss of every one of his very own favourite chewy toys. “Pesky pelican!” he cries. Worst of all though is that poor Bob is blamed for the whole sorry disaster.
Things go from bad to terrible. Next day it’s Freddie’s birthday and there’s a very special birthday cake just out of the oven and smelling absolutely yummy. Bob rather fancies a slice for himself so he’s determined to be on his best behaviour, even if that includes having a pre teatime sniff of the confection. What he finds though when he tiptoes to the kitchen is that someone’s got there before him.


Surely poor Bob won’t get the blame for this disaster too?
He does, but then is quickly reprieved when Mum suddenly spies a certain big-beaked bird perching on the fridge; and he’s given a delicious treat too.


That’s not quite the end of this crazy saga of mischief and mayhem though. There’s a wonderful final twist to the tale …
Katie Leake provides plenty to explore and giggle over in her busy illustrations.
Bob is undoubtedly the star of the show here but that pesky pelican certainly gives him a run for his money.


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