A Welcome Song for Baby

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A Welcome Song for Baby
Marsha Diane Arnold and Sophie Allsopp
The small girl narrator of this lovely book comes up with a wonderful idea when she sees everyone else busy with welcome preparations for the new baby and wonders what she can do. “Can the baby hear us?” she asks her mum. “Yes, Emma, the baby is listening,” comes the reply. She decides to share all her own favourite sounds beginning with winter’s ‘Tinkling icicles. Whistling wind. /Slushity-slush-slush-snow. // Chattery teeth. Snowballs SPLOSH. / Sleds and skates shoosh- shooshing. // Purring kitty. Snoring dog. /Pop-pop-crackling fire./ All winter long, I share the sounds./ All the sounds, all round, all round.”
Come spring and there’s blossom blowing in the breeze, chirping sparrows, robin’s song, whirring dragonflies, clickety bikes, WHOOSHING swings, lizards skittle-scooting, rumbly thunder

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and more.
Summer brings the sounds of bees, flies, crickets, bouncing balls, skipping chants, a water sprinkler, frogs croaking, owls hooting and campfire stories told by her dad.

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Then one warm summer’s day Emma’s mum announces, … “Today is Baby’s birth day.” Not long after, it’s time to welcome the new family member face to face …

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and come autumn Emma and her new sibling have a whole lot of new sounds to enjoy together.

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This is an enormously heart-warming celebration of a new baby told with sensitivity and affection. The closeness of the whole family is beautifully conveyed in Sophie Allsopp’s richly hued and patterned illustrations.

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One thought on “A Welcome Song for Baby

  1. Thank you so much for sharing about A WELCOME SONG FOR BABY, Jill. It’s a very special book to me. My granddaughter enjoyed the early proofs while waiting for her Baby Brother to arrive.

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