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Emily Gravett
Two Hoots
Meet Pete – an unlikely name for one of his kind. This forest dweller is a tidiness fanatic: he detangles fox’s fur, grooms all the birds, sweeps, vacuums …

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and even polishes the rocks. Autumn is a particularly trying time for our badger friend.

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But our zealous leaf sweeper-upper hits upon what looks like the perfect solution to the ‘bare and scrappy’ trees he’s left with.


DSCN7011 (800x600)

But then, down comes the rain which becomes a flood with its inevitable aftermath …

DSCN7018 (800x600)

I don’t think those particular tools are going to cut it Pete!
No matter: here comes another of those practically perfect solutions …

DSCN7019 (800x600)

How though is Pete to satisfy his longing for a well-deserved treat, let alone get into his sett? …

DSCN7020 (800x600)

Time for a spot of hunger-induced thinking I suggest, and come morning operation restoration is in full force …

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With its gift-to-the-reader-aloud, rhyming text and an abundance of visual humour, Emily Gravett’s latest offering is an example par excellence of how such vital themes as the importance of forests and the dangers of deforestation can be delivered without the tiniest bit of preachiness creeping in. What we have here is a wonderfully funny cautionary tale of the environmental kind, that is bound to delight young listeners and those who share it with them equally.
There is so much to discuss, and to see in the details of the scenes …

DSCN7016 (800x600)

(including the gorgeous panoramic cover and lovely endpapers) you’ll need several readings to begin to do justice to this one.

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