Could a Monkey Waterski? Could a Tiger Walk a Tightrope?

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Could a Monkey Waterski?
Could a Tiger Walk a Tightrope?
Camilla de la Bédoyère and Aleksei Bitskoff
The title questions and a whole host of other unlikely possibilities are considered in the latest additions to this series, a double spread being devoted to the explorations of each ‘What if …’, ‘Could a tiger… ?’ or ‘Would a monkey… ?’ put forward.
These books aren’t all crazy imaginings though; lots of fascinating information about the animals is provided as each scenario is focused upon. So, yes a capuchin monkey could waterski – both right way up and upside down; that’s on account of having big toes that work like thumbs …

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Said monkey would enjoy a visit to a noodle bar too – those opposable thumbs again; but there would have to be some garnishing of the noodles for real capuchin contentment in this instance.
And the tiger? Well, we all know the one who came to tea so why not dinner, just as long as you have one hundred tins of cat food stashed away in your cupboards. That would be sufficient to keep your visitor going for three days; and don’t expect anyone/anything else to get a look in – tigers hate sharing food.
A tightrope walking tiger? Seems, like all cats, tigers are ace balancers,

DSCN6659 (800x600)

assisted by their tails which contribute towards super steadiness.
In addition to all this fun stuff, there are in each book, a straightforward “More about …’ fact file double spread and a final postcard from their respective South American/Asian habitats.
If you like information mixed with entertainment (and I know a fair number of children who do) then these are worth seeking out for the lower primary classroom.

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