Robin’s Winter Song

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Robin’s Winter Song
Suzanne Barton
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
For me late autumn and the coming of winter means hot chilli chocolate, snuggly boots and a warm jacket or coat. For Robin in Suzanne Barton’s gorgeous new story it means the departure of the friendly finches, Squirrel busy burying nuts …

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and Owl warning him to keep warm and snug. Winter must surely be scary, greedy and cold decides the now frightened little Robin and he flies off into the woods.
There he meets Bear, also on the move. Robin asks where he’s going and when he learns that Bear is off to find a cosy cave in which to sleep till Winter is over, Robin asks to join him. Before long the two of them are snuggled up fast asleep, Bear snoring softly.


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But then, feeling a distinct chill in the air, Robin wakes and flies to the cave opening where a breath-taking sight meets his eyes. Robin is enchanted and sorties outside to find out more about that whiteness all around.

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It’s Winter.” Mouse tells him and Robin can scarcely believe it. From then on Winter becomes something to enjoy with his friends in the day and to snuggle up against at night.

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Time seems to pass quickly until one day Robin notices another change: tiny shoots are bursting through and the snow is starting to melt. It’s time to wake up Bear he decides somewhat sadly. Spring is on its way, Bear tells his friend and although he has no idea what this means, Robin is eager to make its acquaintance.
Despite its decidedly chilly setting, warmth radiates from every page of this beautiful book that so magically chronicles the seasonal changes from autumn to winter and winter to spring. Robin, encountering these changes for the first time, and the other woodland creatures, are so winningly portrayed in Suzanne Barton’s decorative collage style scenes.
A great follow-up to The Dawn Chorus and a must have book to share as the days get colder.

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