T-Veg / Peanut Butter & Brains


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Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Katerina Manolessou
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Having the courage to be different is the nub of this delicious prehistoric tale of a carrot-crunching dinosaur.
Reginald ate BROCCOLI, Reginald ate BEANS,
Reginald ate bowls and bowls of GARLIC, GRAPES and GREENS.  

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Reginald’s diet is a disaster so far as his parents are concerned: “For goodness sake what’s wrong with you?” a despairing Papa T-rex demands to know and at school, despite being their equal in speed and toughness, Reg becomes the laughing stock of his schoolmates. Consequently – and who can blame him for it – Reg packs his dino-sack and leaves home determined to find some more understanding friends and discover more about vegetarianism. “The truth might be that actually I am a HERBIVORE! I’ll try and do some herbie things. “
However, it appears herbie style activities aren’t quite Reg’s thing …

DSCN5226 (800x600)
So it’s time to consult with those in the know. Befriending them though doesn’t go to plan at all …

DSCN5227 (800x600)

Back home meanwhile, Hugh and the other T-Rexes are starting to see the error of their ways when it comes to Reg; perhaps his differences aren’t a bar to friendship after all. Off they hurtle to find him. But disaster in the form of an enormous rock, strikes – or does it?

DSCN5228 (800x600)

Bright, appropriately veggie coloured illustrations combine with a rhythmic rhyming text that’s a gift to the reader aloud to make a sure fire storytime favourite that celebrates individualism, difference, being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs and admitting when you’re wrong. As the final line reminds us, ‘the best thing in the world is being happy being YOU!
Tasty stuff says this veggie reviewer.

With similar themes and starring another Reginald is

DSCN5230 (800x600)

Peanut Butter & Brains
Joe McGee and Charles Sanatoso
Abrams Books for Young Readers
Herein it’s his penchant for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that single Reginald out from his fellow zombie residents of Quirkville and he has more than a little trouble getting hold of his favourite food

DSCN5231 (800x600)

until he comes upon little Abigail Zink. This young lass just happens to have exactly what he’s looking for in her lunch bag and as the other (brain-eating) zombies are about to seize the young miss, Reginald’s quick-thinking averts a crisis

DSCN5232 (800x600)

and saves the day causing the marauding zombies to discover something even more delicious than brains. And from then on everything is different in the town of Quirkville.
Quirky this one surely is, but it too delivers a powerful punch when it comes to daring to be different.

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