Captain Jack and the Pirates

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Captain Jack and the Pirates
Peter Bently and Helen Oxenbury
Puffin Books
In this timeless tale we join a family at the seaside and in particular three small children Jak, Zak and Caspar as they embark on a sandcastle-building extravaganza.

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With construction complete it’s a case of “Anchors aweigh!” and with mainsail hoisted, off sail Captain Jack and his pirate crew through uncharted oceans far from shore. Once on the high seas adventures abound: there’s a confrontation with an enemy ship and its dastardly band of buccaneers

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and a tropical gale to contend with,

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not to mention …

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The ‘marooned’ pirates abandon ship and set out to explore the terrain in search of treasure – well two do but Caspar remains on watch.
And do they discover any treasure? Definitely – if you have an imagination akin to that of the small pirate trio so gorgeously portrayed.
Told in rhyme, Peter Bently’s enchanting story is a real pleasure to read aloud. In her scenes of small children engrossed in their play, both real and imaginary, Helen Oxenbury flawlessly evokes those childhood days of family seaside holidays when everything seemed perfect no matter what.

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