Snowy Frolics

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Sam Usher
Templar Publishing
We all, adults and children alike, relish those first footsteps in virgin snow so it’s natural that when the boy narrator of this lovely story wakes to discover snow is falling, he can’t wait to get off to the park – before anyone else if possible.

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He’s ready in no time but he has to wait for Grandad who does everything in his own good time. It’s no surprise then, that despite his constant urging, “… the others will get there first, Grandad. DON’T FORGET THE SNOW”, the two are last on the scene.
When they eventually reach the park however, it becomes evident that Grandad’s throw away remark that the whole zoo was probably out there, is in fact true and they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the wintry fun and frolics.

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Was it worth the wait? ‘Definitely’ is the decision of both Grandad and small boy.
This heart-warming wintry tale, which has at its core the loving relationship between a Grandad and his grandson, is beautifully portrayed with gentle humour in watercolour paintings large and small. I see echoes of Bob Graham and Quentin Blake in Usher’s illustrative style and I love the balance of text and illustrations within the taller than usual pages, in particular the large white expanses used to depict the freshly fallen snow and the sheer exhilaration of the snowball fight spread .
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Bear and Hare SNOW!
Emily Gravett
Macmillan Children’s Books
We had the superb Bear and Hare Go Fishing wherein they shared a pastime loved by Bear. Here the friends delight in one of Hare’s favourite activities, romping in the snow. They catch snowflakes on their tongues, make footprints in the snow, create snow angels, build snow creatures – a hare



and a bear …


bear reading 014 (800x600)

Then comes some snowball making, followed by a spot of sledging, the sheer exhilaration of which finally brings a smile to Bear’s face – YIPPEE!

bear reading 016 (800x600)

Time for a mug of hot chocolate guys …
So simple, so clever and absolutely brilliant for beginning readers to relish for themselves once it’s been read aloud again and again and …
Full of warmth, gentle humour and those wintry activities loved by young and old alike. Sheer genius for the chilly season.
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2 thoughts on “Snowy Frolics

  1. Both these books sound absolutely delightful. Our two grandsons left for Lapland this morning. I know their grand-dad would like to be there in the snow with them having fun. Maybe a chance to read these books with them will do the trick.

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