The Colour Thief

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The Colour Thief
Gabriel Alborozo
Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Imagine a world of unrelenting grey – all day, every day. That’s what it’s like on Zot’s planet; it’s a very sad place. It’s no surprise then that as he gazes from his mountaintop at earth sparkling with colour in the far distance, he is filled with longing. So much so that he decides to visit what he’s sure is a happy place and thus find his own happiness.
On arrival, Zot is dazzled by the colours of everything he sees on earth; so could he be happy here? Perhaps not, without his friends. Instead he decides to take the colour back to his own planet and sets to work collecting first red,

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then blue, green, yellow and the rest in his bag until all earth’s colours have gone – every single one… Oh! Not quite, for along comes a small boy with an orange balloon. Of course, our colour catching Zot must have that one too.

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So now we have one small, very sad looking boy clutching one grey balloon. Off goes Zot in his spacecraft but not far; it looks like he’s having a change of heart. Back he goes and very carefully releases his catch of colours into the boy’s world once more.
So is there a happy ending for Zot? Well, one good turn deserves another …

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Especially when you share it with all your friends.

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I am absolutely be-ZOTTED with this book: I love it from cover to cover. Zot is, despite his marauding moments, a lovable character who rather resembles a space-craft himself. A beautiful, gentle anti-greed parable with a powerful punch.

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