Mini’s Detective at Large


Hermelin the Detective Mouse
Mini Grey
Jonathan Cape
The wonderful Mini Grey has done it again; this time with a new character, Hermelin. Hermelin, a mouse and resident of Offley Street owes his name to a cheese box and is the story’s narrator. When he tries out the binoculars he’s found in his cereal one morning, he starts an amazing, life-changing chain of events; events that involve a type-writer, a noticeboard full of ‘lost’ notices,


some smart detective work, lots of typed notes and a dramatic rescue. But just who is this amazing Hermelin, the other residents want to know. So, they organize a party at Bosher’s Sausage Shop with Hermelin as honoured guest. Or should that be ‘horrored’ guest ? For as soon as his identity is revealed, terror breaks out and Hermelin dashes for his life.


The discovery that he is a PEST devastates our hero and he is on the point of moving out when he himself receives a note – a mouse sized one – that signals a new chapter in his life (and I hope, some further episodes involving Hermelin and his new detective friend, Emily.


Totally brilliant in all respects, this gem of a book is absolutely packed full of treats, visual and verbal – incentives to read if ever there were some. This is one to return to over and over when new and exciting discoveries will emerge at each re-reading. It will assuredly have a very wide age appeal too.
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One thought on “Mini’s Detective at Large

  1. Thanks a lot for this great review. I totally agree with you and HERMELIN is one of my favourite children’s book. Mini Grey is an amazing author and illustrator. I just published an interview with her on my blog OxFrogNews. Have a quick glance, if you like :

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