The Great Fox Heist

The Great Fox Heist
Justyn Edwards
Walker Books

Justyn Edwards really ups the stakes and the tension in this sequel to The Great Fox Illusion. Desperate for answers as to her father’s whereabouts following his disappearance, Flick Lions has little choice but to go to the town of Linth in Switzerland and there with her best friend Charlie, take part in another TV competition, The Battle of the Magicians, for the Great Fox, whom she already distrusts but has promised to help. All the Fox (forever in his mask) is interested in is being elected the new chancellor of the Global Order of Magic and winning the competition would enable him to secure that position. That and having the right to know the workings of any trick in the world. But does he have another agenda?

We follow the friends as they find themselves tasked with something that seems an impossibility: stealing some twenty-five million euros worth of diamonds from one of the most secure bank vaults in the world. 

If you’ve read the first story though, you will already know that despite her prosthetic leg, Flick is a character with a steely resolve; she’s astute, highly observant and loyal.
It’s clear that as the plot thickens, the author expects readers to keep their wits about them just as much as Flick and Charlie. What is the significance of the Bell System that appears everybody wants to get their hands on?

Without divulging too much I’ll just say that with danger lurking everywhere, loyalties are tested and the final twist will make you gasp. A fascinating and enthralling read.

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