We Are in a Book! / Can I Play Too?

We Are in a Book!
Can I Play Too?

Mo Willems
Walker Books

If you’re looking for a book for new solo readers then these two are spot on. I have to admit to being a big Elephant and Piggie enthusiast already however.

We Are in a Book! plays the metafictive card from the moment Elephant suggests to his best pal, ‘I think someone is looking at us.’ Gerald’s concern that it might be a monster is quickly set aside by Piggie’s. “No. It is… / a reader! / A reader is reading us!” Going on to respond to Elephant’s immediate question, by dangling over a speech bubble to demonstrate. Their exuberant enthusiasm is soon followed by a practical joke as Piggie works out how to manipulate the reader

not just once but twice, which the two find utterly hilarious. However Piggie’s mention of the book’s ending sends Elephant into a tizzy and a little bit more reader manipulation occurs – over to you, reader …

Brilliant, cleverly paced and absolutely bananas.

Also hysterical is Can I Play Too? Herein, no sooner have Gerald and Piggie decided to play catch, when Snake slithers up asking to play too. The two are a tad doubtful wondering how an armless reptile can possibly play this game. Snake however is determined to give it a go and the game becomes let’s say, a bit bonkers. They keep trying, adding a lot more balls

but this idea doesn’t work. Surely there must be a way to make this game work for all three of them. Then comes a lightbulb moment for Piggie …

Perfect pacing as always, wonderfully wry humour – ditto, full of heart – tick! and a gentle lesson on inclusivity thrown in.

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