The Nowhere Thief

The Nowhere Thief
Alice M. Ross
Nosy Crow

This story is a multiverse adventure starring Elsbeth and Idris. Elspeth lives with her mother in an alternate UK, capital city Lunden. She helps her mother in their shop that sells antiques in the seaside town of Lewesby, sometimes using her rare power to visit other spheres in the multiverse and acquiring items to sell in their failing business. This she does through an unworldly portal using a kaleidoscope of colours. Now to make financial matters worse, the rent is due and there’s insufficient money to pay the unpleasant landlord, Mr Lennox.

With eviction imminent Elspeth needs to generate custom and when it comes in the form of the strange Mr Persimmon, she is unsure whether to trust him. Does he know how she obtained the items he has purchased?

What about the boy Idris who keeps appearing wherever she goes? Is he following her and if so why?

Crime, as we know, has consequences and Elspeth’s actions soon catch up with her. Forced to flee from the draconian law enforcement services of the universe next door, Elspeth’s actions soon catch up with her. Idris; who, it turns out, has very similar talents, comes to her rescue and a friendship between the two begins to develop.

When she discovers her mother is missing, Elspeth is faced with a difficult choice: flee with a boy she’s only recently met or trust Mr Persimmon. She opts for the former and the bond between them becomes stronger as they travel together to Nowhere and different Somewheres with all sorts of people eager to find Elspeth on account of her gift. However, by using her powers Elspeth seems to have disturbing meteorological side-effects. Indeed everything she knows about her powers and her family are called into question in her rescue mission.

Providing plenty of food for thought is the relationship between Idris and his grandmother and later, his mother too.

Set against a backdrop of different worlds, there is so much to be learned herein but to give too much away will spoil the story, so let me just say, the author keeps readers gripped and open to new developments as the plot turns hither and thither towards its satisfying conclusion.

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