Sophie: My First Christmas / Sophie: Baby’s First Year

These are two new books both featuring Sophie the Giraffe – thanks to Templar Publishing for sending them for review

Sophie: My First Christmas

In this interactive, seasonal board book Sophie giraffe and her friends are having fun in a game of hide and seek. It begins outside in a snowy landscape with fir trees and a snowman as hiding places,

then moves indoors where a huge present and a stocking make good places behind which to disappear and wait for little hands to lift the felt flaps and reveal other animal players.
Finally, with Sophie ready and waiting, it’s time to open her door and see who has arrived – just in time for Christmas.

Simple, fun and an ideal offering for a baby’s first Christmas.

Sophie: Baby’s First Year

The text of this book is written from the viewpoint of the baby and provides a journal wherein to collect all those important details of a little one’s first twelve months. It begins even before his/her birth with three spreads allocated to in turn,’Before I was born’, ‘Being pregnant’ and ‘Family Tree’, which are followed by ‘The day I was born’ and ‘All about me’; and the final spread extends beyond that first year with space for birthday photos until the subject is five years old.
There are spaces for such things as handprints and footprints, envelopes in which to keep mementos and each page is well designed with some animal characters helping to make it visually attractive.

This would make a great gift for new parents or for a child’s dedication or naming ceremony.

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