Victoria Stitch Free and Famous

Victoria Stitch Free and Famous
Harriet Muncaster
Oxford Children’s Books

Breaking Wiskling law, Victoria Stitch has escaped from Wiskling Wood and entered the world of humans. Once there she talks to and soon becomes best friends with a young human named Naomi, something that is to have repercussions not only for her but for her twin sister Celestine who is now the wisklings’ queen, as well as for the safety of the entire kingdom.

It’s not long before their friendship has led to fame and indeed adoration for Victoria Stitch, who humans believe to be a fairy.

Meanwhile back in Wiskling Wood, Celestine has learned of her twin’s activities, and greatly alarmed at the possible consequences of her sister’s acclaim in the human’s world, determines to go out in secret, find Victoria Stitch and warn her before it’s too late.

With the help of her loyal friend, Tiska, off she goes, putting herself in great danger; but even if she’s successful in finding her twin, will Victoria Stitch even take notice of what she has to say?

It’s definitely a case of freedom comes at a price: but at the end of the day, is it one Victoria Stitch is prepared to pay? Has the bond between the siblings reached breaking point or is it just too strong, especially when there’s the possibility of a new role for both sisters on the horizon in Wiskling Wood?

With themes of fame and friendship, love and loyalty, this magical tale sometimes frizzles with frights as well as sparkling with the intensity of the enchanting world Harriet has created in this wonderful series.

Emmanuelle (9) shown above couldn’t wait to start reading this new book commenting “The first Victoria Stitch is one of my very favourite books ever.”

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