Diversity Matters: We Are Family / Bindu’s Bindis

We Are Family
Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman
Doodles & Scribbles

‘Your family may be big / or small, / tiny or … / terrifically tall. / Perhaps you’re / raised by one dad / or mum. / Or do others / help and . ../ join the fun?…’
So begins the simple rhyming narrative in this non-fiction picture book wherein Lucy Reynolds explores the concept of family.
Fact boxes provide additional information about the exemplars she uses from the animal kingdom 

to show the many varieties there are, while at the same time, the rhyme speaks directly to readers about the possible kind of family theirs might be. The result is a positive, inclusive message coupled with information on the specific creatures chosen, which are illustrated in Jenna Herman’s mixed media, patterned illustrations.
A safe way to explore the diversity of human families, especially in a foundation stage or KS1 classroom. In the latter children can better appreciate the wealth of information about the animals featured.

Bindu’s Bindis
Supriya Kelkar and Parvati Pillai

Bindu absolutely loves the bindis her Nani sends her from India each month with their different shapes, sizes and colours; and even more she loves the connection she feels when she wears them.Then one day, joy of joys, Nani comes to visit and the family go to the airport to meet her. However this joy is curtailed as they are soon forced to confront the xenophobic people standing outside with their racist placards. 

At first Bindu wants to rip off her bindi but manages to overcome her feelings of despondency. Back at home child and Nani are soon enjoying one another’s company especially when Bindu returns from school and picks a bindi to match her grandparent’s mood.

Then comes the day for Bindu to wear a bindi to school for the very first time; she’s to perform an Indian dance in a talent show so Nani makes sure the two of them match. But when it comes to her turn Bindu’s worries about other people’s reactions cause the little girl to have an attack of stage fright. 

Can Nani help her granddaughter summon up some inner courage, rediscover her sparkle and thus save the day?
A picture book that demonstrates the strength of family bonds showing how they can transcend long distances. The richly coloured illustrations capture Bindu’s changing emotions throughout the story and the racism strand offers a starting point to open up discussion within a family or an educational setting.

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