Christmas Craft Book

Christmas Craft Book
Laura Minter & Tia Williams
GMC Books

If you’re looking for inspiration for some festive projects to do with children then this could well be a boon. It’s a veritable treasure trove of thirty ideas that look impressive and are easy to make, mostly from household items, that will keep youngsters entertained in the next couple of weeks as the excitement rises.

Laura and Tia, award-winning bloggers and creators of several other craft books begin by giving an introductory page to get users in the crafting mood, followed by some words on materials, tools, tips and safety: then come the seasonal activities themselves. There’s plenty of cutting and sticking as well as printing, painting, and some sewing.

One activity I particularly like that requires the latter two is the Festive Story Stones with their own bag.

(You could easily adapt this one for other festivals such as Easter or Diwali, which gives it an extra bonus.)

Another one I was drawn to straightaway was the Elf and Fairy Peg Dolls. These would look great adorning your Christmas tree if you take up the suggestion to add a small length of ribbon to each one, but there are other ways you might use these: what about adapting them as winter puppets which could then be used in some fairyland dramas.

Young children are usually very eager to try and catch sight of Santa so what better use could they put a pair of Santa-spotter Binoculars than to have them ready for Christmas Eve. They could also leave ready for him some of the Tasty Treats (there are instructions for making Christmas cake truffles, Pinwheel Cookies and Crunchy Snowmen on the last few pages).

Every activity is clearly set out with step-by-step instructions and colour photos, and the book ends with some templates. Ready, steady … let’s get crafting.

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