Nell and the Cave Bear

Nell and the Cave Bear
Martin Brown
Piccadilly Press

This story is the first of a series by Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown and it features a young Stone Age girl Nell, and her Cave Bear. Nell has no parents and lives in a cave with her tribe, and her pet and best friend the titular bear.

Everywhere the girl goes, the bear goes too, keeping her safe and comforting her whenever the chores and bossing around she receives get her down.

When she learns that her clan plan to give her beloved Cave Bear away to the visiting Sea Clan cousins, Nell decides that it’s time to run away.

Together girl and bear embark on an adventure which takes them along the stream that passes their cave and soon, as they follow wherever the stream leads, the two become not runaways but explorers. They face thirst and hunger, mammoths and scary hunters

but never give up hope as, joined by a kitten, they keep looking for a safe place where they can be together.

Martin Brown writes simply and beautifully with warmth, a gentle humour and plenty of excitement.

Superbly illustrated this tale of long ago is just right for new solo readers who will be swept along with the adventurers relishing every moment of being in the company of Nell and Cave Bear. This adult reviewer most certainly did.

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