Pinkie and Boo!

I’m thrilled to be part of the blog tour for super Indie publisher Little Door Books’ latest picture book, about a new sibling in the family written by award-winning author of the So You Think You’ve Got it Bad series, Chae Strathie and illustrated by Francis Martin.

Pinkie and Boo!
Chae Strathie and Francis Martin
Little Door Books

When Pinkie learns that she’s soon to become a big sister, she’s far from happy, envisioning such disasters as getting carried off by evil seagulls or being turned into a stinky rat on account of – horror of horrors – a baby. And, on seeing the infant she’s even less impressed by such a strange looking, whiffy being.

Dad tries pacifying Pinkie with the present of a cuddly toy monkey. She names him Boo, noisily introduces him to the baby displeasing her parents who banish her to the garden.

There, Pinkie shares with Boo her concerns about her place as smallest in the family having been usurped by the new arrival, and her fears of being overlooked. Boo comes up with some ‘SUPER-BRILLIANT’ ideas but the results — plucked flowers for dad, a chaotic messy kitchen and misplaced crayon creativity, are anything but super- brilliant so far as the recipients are concerned.

Fortunately Pinkie has help clearing up what she deems ‘Boo’s fault’. But then while she’s having some thinking time in her room, Boo has another of his flashes of inspiration.

Can plan B work the wonders both Pinkie and Boo are hoping for?

Chae and Francis’ portrayal of Pinkie’s feelings of uncertainty about her place in the family, and the way she reacts, are spot on. Their spirited little girl with her wild imagination and don’t mess with me attitude is simply adorable.

Fantastically funny, full of chaos, mess and mayhem and most important, a whole lot of love, even if it does take some time to understand that sharing dad and mum isn’t as terrible as Pinkie anticipated.

I love everything about this book and I’m sure its target audience will too.

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