The Dodos Did It!

The Dodos Did It!
Alice McKinley
Simon & Schuster

Jack is obsessed with dodos. A dodo is what he wants more than anything else in the whole world so he makes a wish.
Almost unbelievably … 

Not content with just the one dodo however, the boy keeps on wishing until one has become ten. including a spectacle wearer. The huge fun they provide quickly turns to chaos 

and not surprisingly, two decidedly displeased parents . Jack tells them the mess was made not by him but the dodos, though unsurprisingly Mum doesn’t believe a single word.

The creatures then create havoc at the swimming pool, the playground, the cafe and in the library and the supermarket, 

all the while his mum and dad insisting “Dodos don’t exist” when Jack blames the mayhem on the creatures.

After a whole day of dodo disasters Jack is sent to his room where he makes another wish … Oops!
Jack, you really should choose your words more carefully when you make a wish.

This story will certainly provide giggles aplenty for little ones, but what amused me more than anything else was to see on the title page that Alice McKinley has assigned a name to each of the clutch of mischief-makers, but you’ll have to get your own copy of this romp to find out what they are.

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