VI SPY : Licence to Chill

VI SPY : Licence to Chill
Maz Evans
Chicken House

From the author of Who Let the Gods Out?, this is the first in a new spy series. In parts achingly funny, in others downright daft, it’s a fast moving page turner to be sure.

Vi stands for Valentine, Valentine Day, who is the daughter of an ex (so we’re told) secret service super spy mother and super villain (supposedly retired and now ostensibly dead) father, Robert.
When the story starts eleven year old Vi, who knows nothing of her father, is living with her mum and her nan. Her mum Susan (aka Easter) is rather fond of George Sprout who just happens to be one of Vi’s teachers – her favourite in fact. Mr S is blissfully unaware of Susan’s background but his son Russell is pretty astute and soon has her figured out.

When Mr Sprout proposes, the wedding of Susan and George comes hot on its heels and during the ceremony who should burst onto the scene but the far from dead, Robert Ford. Shock horror! Moreover, when he tells Vi that this time he’s here to stay, it appears that he means it.

In addition to this show-stopping surprise, Vi has set her sights on getting admission to Rimmington Hall, a very special educational establishment and has that to think about.

It’s not long before Vi’s parents are battling over their daughter and strangely, the girl feels a certain attachment towards Robert, especially when he treats her to triple chocolate sundae surprise. While the parental battle rages, Vi finds herself plunging into a world of heinous villains and depravity.

The cast of characters encompasses a fascinating assortment: there’s geeky Russell Sprout whose only friend is an ancient robot Agadoo; the beautiful golden haired Siren with her dog-killing farts and the ill-intentioned clown Auguste, not to mention the double-headed Dr Doppelganger, another of the EVILS; and Nan is a gem.

I read this right through in a day and my head was spinning.

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