Bibbit Jumps

Bibbit Jumps
Bei Lynn
Gecko Press

Meet energetic young frog Bibbit who loves to jump and does so at every opportunity, often with his friends; but when it comes to water that’s another matter altogether – he’s forgotten how to swim. Something that becomes evident in the first episode wherein he and his friends build a frog pyramid and then he tries to assist his little tadpole sister and her friends in making a pyramid too.

The second chapter sees Bibbit receiving swimming lessons from his froggy fellows after which it’s time to celebrate his younger sister becoming Little Frog with a special picnic. This ‘outing’ gives Bibbit the ideal opportunity to demonstrate his exceptional jumping talent as well as his determination in picking a banana.

A birthday is celebrated in the next chapter, not a froggy one but that of Little Rabbit and Bibbit manages to deliver the perfect present – just!

Bibbit’s perseverance comes to the fore in Not giving up, an episode about the consumption of a rather unpleasant tasting apple.

Jumping occupies most of the next two chapters; no, make that three, as in the third, Bibbit refrains from his favourite activity on account of an experiment he undertakes that concerns saving up energy for, guess what – jumping, and also making lots of mental leaps.

Finally, thanks to Little Frog, Bibbit is able to confront his fears about leaving home to explore the city. To do so though and find his sister, he has to cross a river and ascend to new heights.

A delightful first chapter book (translated by Helen Wang) with short episodes that are perfect for new solo readers.. Equally they read aloud beautifully too. The watercolour and ink illustrations embody the spirit of the narrative beautifully and they too are enchanting.

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