Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Ben Clanton

I spluttered my way through this third book in Ben Clanton’s graphic novel style Narwhal and Jelly series, over my porridge breakfast – no peanut butter, jelly or even waffles in sight, I hasten to add.

Herein Jelly takes it upon himself to turn parental and persuade Narwhal to try something else instead of his relentless diet of waffles, the something else being in this instance, peanut butter. Out comes that “How do you know unless you try it?” so many youngsters will be familiar with as a result of their own parents’ coaxings to try unfamiliar foods, especially veggies.

Having ascertained there aren’t any allergen issues, a peanut butter cookie is proffered by Jelly

and accepted by Narwhal who devours the entire thing declaring it “fintastic’ and ‘yumptious’. No surprises there, but Narwhal aka Peanut Butter,

aka all manner of other names, then goes on to consume jar after jar after jar of the sticky stuff with super-silly results for both characters.

Delivered in dialogue form and garnished with groan-worthy puns, bonkers humour once again reigns in these three tales of oceanic friendship between the unlikely duo. Don’t miss the jokes and fantastic facts sandwiched between the stories.

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