The Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day

The Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day
Pip Bird, illustrated by David O’Connell

Hurrah! Dave the unicorn is back for another appearance as most imperfect unicorn on the planet.

When Mira’s teacher announces that the following day is to be Unicorn School Sports Day, Mira’s abiding thought is her sister’s comment that Dave is the naughtiest, rubbishest unicorn in the world. It most certainly looks as though Mira’s team – the Sloths – will have their work cut out if they’re to be the victorious ones  and get to go on that mystery quest. Things don’t look at all promising when Dave’s response to Mira’s question about the possibility of their team winning is to deposit an enormous pile of poo on the hall floor.

A massive challenge this is surely going to be even for super-enthusiastic Mira: how on earth is she to fire up her anything but excited Unicorn Best Friend Forever? It doesn’t appear that Team Sloth will be winning the MASSIVE gold glittery trophy any time soon: even more so when there are some very strange occurrences during the “fun” events.

Could it be that someone or something is trying to sabotage their chances even before the start of the Seriously Sporty Events?

Even more determined than ever, Mira prepares for the first jumping event but will she be able to convince her UBFF to kick up his hooves and jump?

With its cast of cracking characters, this second Unicorn School adventure is absolutely bubbling with wonderfully funny moments, many made all the funnier by David O’Connell’s liberally scattered drawings, Pip Bird’s second Unicorn School is guaranteed to enthuse the countless unicorn-obsessed readers out there. More please, I hear them cry.

Emmanuelle (6) is lapping up the story

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