Get Arty: My selfie with Mona Lisa / The Impressionists Japan from Monet to Van Gogh/ Gustav Klimt

My selfie with Mona Lisa
The Impressionists’ Japan from Monet to Van Gogh
Gustav Klimt
Catherine de Duve
Happy Museum

What a fantastic trio of Kate’Art Editions new titles to inspire young potential art enthusiasts all from Catherine de Duve. Herein she provides wonderful opportunities to find out something about famous artists and their awesome creations.

In My selfie with Mona Lisa, Catherine transports readers to the Louvre in Paris, and using a narrative explores what is one of the world’s most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, cleverly interweaving the current obsession with selfies into her story. Filippo Farneti’s illustrations are absolutely amazing and the presentation as a whole superb.

The Impressionists’ Japan looks at the impressionist artists’ fascination with Japanese culture, crafts and art, brought about in part by the opening up once more of the trading links between Japan and Europe. Readers are shown how famous European artists such as Monet, Renoir and Vincent Van Gogh were influenced in their work not only by the culture of Japan, but also by wonderful Japanese artists like Hokusai. Children will most certainly enjoy both finding out about these art styles and famous paintings, and using their own pens or pencils to colour in the black and white outlines of some famous works of art.

Gustav Klimt provides opportunities for youngsters to explore some of Klint’s wonderful works – nine in all exhibited in galleries from different parts of the world – and then to add their own colours to outlines of those iconic paintings.
(The one on p.14 contains nudity, just in case there are parents unsure about their children viewing this.)

Three super, enormously engaging books for your children be it holiday time or not.

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