Sticker Art: Woodland; Savannah; Jungle; Ocean

Sticker Art: Woodland
Sticker Art: Savannah
Sticker Art: Jungle
Sticker Art Ocean

Craig & Karl
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

These four innovative books are published in collaboration with the Natural History Museum: and the illustrations are provided by Craig Redman and Karl Maier, who work in transatlantic partnership.
Each book features eight animals and users are invited to create their own ‘sticker-by-number’ portraits of say, for Ocean, a starfish, an octopus, an angelfish, a blue whale, a turtle, a walrus, a dolphin and a seahorse …

by using Craig and Karl’s designs as guidelines.
In addition to the animal images and stickers, each of the books has eight interesting facts per animal relating to lifespan, habitat, family, survival, diet, identification, special skill and behaviour.
Did you know for instance, that African elephants can use sticks and branches to swat insects and scratch itches? You’ll find that in Savannah.
Or that a pit viper can have as many as thirty snakes born at once? (This creature is featured in Jungle.)
An enjoyable, absorbing and satisfying way to introduce children to a wide range of creatures, especially during the holidays.
In addition, each book could be the starting point to a whole lot more investigation and creativity.


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