Sorry, Mrs Cake!

Sorry, Mrs Cake!
Kate Milner
Tiny Owl

It’s the day of the fair and Mrs Cake, a kindly woman, has assembled a delicious spread for all her friends. One little boy is hugely appreciative of what she’s done but everyone else is far too preoccupied to pay any attention to her efforts.

The boy and his cat accompany Mrs Cake around the venue site attempting to generate some interest in the yummy offerings laid out in the tent. They try in turn the dads, the mums, ‘the big kids’

and the grandparents, all to no avail: nobody has paid them any attention. The feast remains untouched.

As the little lad expresses disappointment in the fact that not a single person has listened, the cat has a brilliant idea and … Hurrah!

Finally with apologies proffered and thanks given to Mrs Cake, everybody partakes of the goodies she’s so painstakingly prepared.

With an unconventional witty style that mixes comic strip and full spread, highly detailed single illustrations, award-winning Kate Milner needs just a few words to convey her story showing how we need to listen to everyone, rather than only those who speak the loudest. (Apparently the stimulus for the book was the rowdy behaviour of politicians in the European parliament.)

Best shared one to one or in smallish groups to allow listeners to pore over the wealth of quirky, sometimes surreal, detail at almost every page turn.