The Amazing Human Body Detectives

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The Amazing Human Body Detectives
Maggie Li
Pavilion Children’s Books
I learned something new today, (though I could say that’s true of pretty much every day when working with children). I discovered from Maggi Li’s new book that blondes have more hairs than others.
The human body fascinates most young children – how it works and what it can do. In twelve double spreads (plus contents and glossary) Maggi Li takes readers through the basics introducing first the main organs (Busy Organs as she calls the heart, lungs and kidneys)



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wherein alongside the essential facts of function and size, is a ‘body challenge’ and, in this instance, Laugh Factory stating ‘Laughing is good for you so get giggling!’ Children will delight in using that as a reason for so doing, I suspect.
In fact the whole book is presented as a journey with readers invited to take the magnifying glass from the front cover and use it to explore within. They might take a look inside the mouth at the teeth, or look closely at the skin to spot goose pimples, for instance. Quirky facts are writ small within each page of the book and you can even get close up to a bogie –

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another favourite with children. But the most read spread in my experience is assuredly Waste Factory

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with its focus on burps, hiccups, wee, sick, trumps and in particular The Bristol Stool Chart with its associated Body Challenge.

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This is the one I suspect that will get most take up!
There is a surprising amount of human anatomical information for readers to discover between the covers of this book. The clever thing however, is that with the emphasis on exciting and intriguing visuals, rather than dense blocks of text, children do not realise just how much hard information is embedded within each spread. And, once their interest has been stimulated there are further suggestions for on-going investigations on the final spreads
Definitely one for the family bookshelf or primary classroom.

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