Not Today, Celeste!


Not Today, Celeste!
Liza Stevens
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
This story, told through a dog narrator, Celeste, explores in a very accessible manner, the subject of depression and its effects on the depressed person and others. Herein it’s Celeste’s owner Rupert who is suddenly overcome by depression. Here’s how Rupert and Celeste used to be …


One day however, when out walking together, Celeste notices a change in her owner: is it Celeste’s imagination or has Rupert really undergone a change? It looks like the latter …


Despite the fact that Rupert tries to convince himself, and Celeste, that everything is fine, they both know it isn’t. A worried Celeste does her level best to cheer up Rupert but to no avail and soon, she becomes very sad and scared. Fortunately, neighbours Lily and Henry notice the change in Celeste and the narrator tries to tell all. After that Lily helps both Celeste and Rupert to come to terms with ‘His poorly feelings’: Celeste spends some time playing next door while Lily talks to Rupert and then Lily gives some helpful coping advice to Celeste.
Eventually, Rupert does start to feel better; and safe in the knowledge that it’s not her fault, Celeste is prepared for moving on with his funny and ‘very, very brave’ human.


In itself this is a moving story; but it also presents the tricky topic of depression and how it affects others in a way (with dog as storyteller) that allows children to think about the subject matter through a narrative distancing device. The final spread is ‘A Guide for Parents, Carers and Professionals’ written by a specialist in child and adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing outlining the important issues when talking to children who may be dealing with depression in someone they know: essentially these are that talking about it is fine; that the child or children are still loved unconditionally and not to blame; that it is OK to seek help; that there is nothing to be afraid of; that it can and will get better with treatment. All in all, a thoroughly useful book, delightfully illustrated and subtly conveyed in both words and pictures. (Don’t suffer in silence: ask for help…)

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