NO! said Rabbit

No! said Rabbit
Marjoke Henrichs
Scallywag Press

Rabbit is one contrary little creature. He replies in the negative to everything his mum tells him to do. It’s a firm “NO!’ to getting dressed, eating his breakfast carrots,

going outside to play, stopping for a snack and more. Throughout the day his recalcitrant responses issue forth but despite what he says, he always finds just the right inducement to comply with his parent’s requests.

Fortunately this patient Mum knows how best to manage her spirited little one’s behaviour. She continues cajoling him right through bath time

to bedtime and the book’s satisfying conclusion.

With its delightful irony, Marjoke Henrichs’ debut picture book is pitch perfect for sharing with preschoolers. The story’s structure cleverly offers an important reading lesson – that of prediction – and as they view the unfolding action in Marjoke’s chucklesome scenes, little ones will delight in chorusing NO! along with the protagonist at every opportunity.

I’m pretty sure most adults, especially parents and teachers of young children, will have encountered a little rabbit somewhere along the way.