Nadine Robert and Maja Kastelic
Abrams Books for Young Readers

On fine sunny Sundays the seven Filpot rabbit children go fishing. Six are enthusiastic; divergent thinking, Elsie (with her head in a book), is not.

However she does go along following her own creekside path and when it comes to bait, despite her siblings’ advice, Elsie insists she’s going to put a buttercup on her hook.

Why not, after all, surely thinking for oneself and having innovative ideas is the right way to go: and so it is here, for Elsie’s is the rod that twitches and she’s the one with a successful haul.

Now is the time for her six siblings to listen to her point of view.

The combination of Maja Kastelic’s retro feel, vibrantly hued, detailed illustrations rendered in tempera and watercolour, and Nadine Roberts’ lively text mostly in the form of dialogue (with some judicious use of capital letters), result in a book that is thought-provoking, and hints at the notion of neurodiversity

All in all, a sweet story with important messages about being true to yourself and showing respect to those with different ways of relating to the world.