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David Mackintosh
Harper Collins Children’s Books
Mum’s announcement of “a surprise at dinner tonight” sends Leo and his big narrator brother into a frenzy of escalating speculation about what it could possibly be.


Quickly those possibilities grow from crinkly chips through tickets to The Amazing YoYo Super Show, a backyard swimming pool to a prize fortnight’s holiday in Hawaii all expenses paid.


This latter idea takes hold and before long seemingly everyone has been told about the family’s good fortune.


Home go the brothers to pack their holiday things but what’s that Mum is shouting …
PIZZASurely not. What about that celebratory free time outside everyone at school was awarded in honour of the prize? How will the boys face everyone again?
Off to the bedroom goes our narrator. Before long though, Leo who has told his parents all, is at the door shouting about a “different surprise”.


A surprise that demonstrates that what you have already – a family who can laugh together – can indeed be sufficient to make you feel lucky.
Another of David Mackintosh’s books wherein he uses humour to make a serious point. The quirky, slightly surreal mixed-media illustrations are genuinely funny and the manipulation of fonts and integration of text within the pictures is inspired. Great stuff!

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