Just Read!

Just Read!
Lori Degman and Victoria Tentler-Krylov

This is a picture book that really does fly the flag for the pleasures that reading has to offer and the multitude of ways and places it can be enjoyed.

We begin in a library with a group of children, one of whom declares, “Hooray! I know how to read on my own!” going on to say, “But sometimes I don’t want to do it alone. So …”

We then learn that this reader (who isn’t identified) shares the bibliographic propensity with an astronaut, pirate or farmer … a clown or knight wearing armour.

An animal can also act as reading companion be it a penguin, moose, bear, tortoise or hare.

Choosing what to read can on occasion be tricky – there’s so much choice – I definitely empathise with that – and the text need not be a book; there are codes, road signs, maps, sheet music, menus, recipes, comics, on screens and much more besides.

Moreover, some people read with their ‘fingers across bumpy lines’,

others using voice, or hand signs (inclusive though slightly inaccurate the latter two which are essentially, ways of communicating what has been read)

As for where to read – again there’s a multitude of possibilities both inside (in a bus, train, plane, cave perhaps) and out.

The book concludes with an idyllic book club setting – in a tree where many children have gathered to enjoy their chosen books.

Imagination knows no bounds, no matter what kind of book you choose, is Lori Degman’s rhyming message; and Victoria Tentler-Krylov’s stylish watercolour illustrations affirm this: all in all a great way to encourage reading and readers everywhere.