Jingle Smells

Jingle Smells
Mark Sperring and Sophie Corrigan
Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Mark Sperring’s rhyming story introduces readers to Jingle the stinky little skunk.

It’s Christmas Eve and the stripey-tailed creature is on his way into town to see the shiny lights. En route however, in true skunk style, he emits a particularly pungent aroma and as he passes it, the tree in the old town square is so overcome by the whiffy odour that the thing topples right over, sending baubles and lights flying every which way. Poor skunk is devastated that he’s spoiled Christmas for everyone and is just about to turn back home when he hears a cry for help.

Now Jingle has a chance to do something for the good of all the town’s residents, for up on the roof he discovers that robbers are at work and Santa is in big trouble.

What better way to get rid of the villains than for the little skunk to emit a a mega-stinky blast. It certainly has the desired effect 

and Jingle realises that perhaps after all, he has saved Christmas. But the night is long and Santa still has all those presents to deliver – with a little bit of help for one time only, from one small stinky skunk.

Jingle is such an endearing character and Sophie Corrigan brings this out in her fun festive illustrations that are a perfect accompaniment to Mark Sperrings’s deliciously different tale, which is a delight to read aloud.