Crazy Captain Coconut


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Captain Coconut and the Case of the Missing Bananas
Anushka Ravishankar and Priya Sundram
Tara Books
This one’s a real laugh out loud pastiche – a kind of graphic novel – and features an Indian detective, who seems to be a kind of amalgam of the brainy Sherlock Holmes, Feluda and Inspector Ghote, and inept Inspector Clouseau type police detectives the world over. We find Captain Coconut faced with a baffling mystery concerning Mrs Y, her sister and her nephew, Gilli, and fourteen bananas, some of which have gone missing. Four can be accounted for – eaten by family members – but only six are left. Hmm – tricky: but our detective has a truly amazing logical and mathematical brain –

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albeit shaped somewhat like a coconut – and a trusty calculator that can be relied upon when computational problems crop up. DSCN4229 (800x600)
With his unflappable powers of deduction, not to mention the odd brainwave, and with the help of his trusty notebook,


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Captain Coconut slowly but surely, unravels the crime and unmasks the culprit. QED so to speak; thanks not entirely to his super brain, but also to a bad case of the trots: Somnambulist eat your heart out.
A spicy concoction of cheeky eccentricity, tricky clues and mind-numbing number posers from Anushka Ravishankar, quirkily clever, retro, collage-style illustrations courtesy of Priya Sundram, (that paisley patterned nose of the Captain’s is genius), Bollywood-style vocal interludes courtesy of our great singing detective, C.C.. In fact everything about Captain Coconut is divinely daft and entirely lovable. Add to the mix, great design (a Tara hallmark) and what you have is, in my book anyway, totally and brilliantly bonkers, and utterly hilarious.

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