How To Be On The Moon

How To Be On The Moon
Viviane Schwarz
Walker Books

This sequel to How to Find Gold again stars intrepid Anna and careful Crocodile.

Anna is eager to visit the moon but Crocodile is less than enthusiastic telling her it’s “out in space … really very far away … almost impossible.”

This appeals to Anna but first they have to acquire some special skills, counters Crocodile; but Anna can count backwards from five.
In fact he raises a snag at every opportunity: a great deal of patience is necessary: Crocodile has sufficient for them both, he’s told eventually.

Crocodile is then allocated the task of sandwich making while Anna builds the rocket.
Tasks complete, they count down and … blast off …

While on board they play the only game gravity allows – it involves sandwich catching and consumption (once you’ve caught all the constituents) and then as it’s still some distance to go, take a patience-extending snooze.

Finally though they land on the moon, finish their sandwiches, don space helmets and go out exploring the deserted moonscape.

Before long, as they gaze up Anna decides that “Poor Earth” is missing them and they decide to head off back home.

Once more on Earth, they bask briefly in mission-accomplished glory before deciding the rest of the world needs checking on, and off they set …

A smashing story – one expects no less from Viviane – but it’s the wonderful, wondrous textured illustrations that steal the show – just!  The dialogue’s absolutely priceless too. And I absolutely love how the two contrasting yet complementary characters rub along together so beautifully.

Sheer delight through and through.